Part 2 of Living in Paradise

The bright side


A few weeks ago I highlighted the difficult aspects of tropical living, punching holes in many of your fantasies about my life.  Herewith are some of the wonderful things about living in a “emerging nation,” as Mexico is now called.


1.  The warmth of the people.   A place where people are valued above things.  No phone calls needed before you visit friends. You arrive and they drop what they are doing to be with you.  Staying for the next meal or meals.  No one is in a rush.  Time is not an issue.

2.  When you arrive at someone’s  house you are immediately offered something to drink.

3.  Brilliant medical care, dentistry and veterinary medicine at a fraction of the cost.  And everyone is still making a profit.  Doctors still make house calls.  Doctors spend as much time with you as you need.  Affordable medications.  A place where a hospital room costs less than a hotel room.

4. The fruits and vegetables taste like fruits and vegetables.  I can’t explain this to you until you come here and try a potato, for instance.

5.  You don’t need winter clothes.  No heating bills.

6.  Affordable eating out.  Glorious market food.  Fresh fruit smoothies wherever you go.  No attitude. They’ve been around forever.

7.   Simplicity.  The beach.  A beer. A palm tree.  Accessible to all.

8.  Tacos (not tex mex, but real tacos).

9.  Mailman on a motorcycle.

11.  Being able to afford to employ service workers and know you are supporting their families.

12.  Extremely low property taxes  (I pay $60 a year for my home with swimming pool).

13.  Siesta.  A superior concept.

So now you have the good and the bad.  What do you think?

xo  Liza

P.S.  I’m still blogging on my iPad as my new MacBook makes its way from Shenzhen, China.  Hence, I couldn’t post the link to the older post.  If you put “Living in Paradise” into the search bar it will come up.


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2 thoughts on “Part 2 of Living in Paradise

  1. This is great! A good start…I’d like to offer a bit of detail about living HERE, as your Part 1 was quite focused on Tropical Mexico, Yucatan specifically. Part 2 seems to be mostly about Mexico in general. You know…things like how great the humidity is for your skin…how we wake up to beautiful mornings and big blue skies about 350 days a year…all the birds we have in our back yards but none of them are crows nor sound remotely like a crow…the amazing variety of palm trees…everyone has fruit trees…the enormous tropical flowers…how safe we feel in a city of a million people…I’m sure there’s more 🙂

    1. Thanks Juanita. There’s lots more to like…I only started the conversation. So please everyone who lives a tropical lifestyle, feel free to add your faves to the list.

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