You are amazing

There is no such thing as a small gesture


A reader told me she likes opening up my blog because she never knows what she is going to get.

And that’s the point, isn’t it?  This blog portrays the variety and richness of being a woman in today’s world.  From the pleasures of Paris, to the unspeakable horror of a father strangling his daughter in an honor killing, to a recipe for banana cake, to the importance of voting.  All these things make up my life.  And yours too.

I am in awe of, inspired and energized by, the women who shared their stories at the Women in the World conference in Texas on October 22, 2014.

Tina Brown, the founder and host of Women in the World has invented a new form of journalism come to life.  It is one thing to read a story in the newspaper or watch a clip on the telly.  But to meet the faces of the stories brings you into the reality and raw emotion.  Each story begins with a brilliantly produced, introductory film, immediately followed by the protagonists, heroines, history makers, change breakers sitting right there to discuss their causes, hardships, triumphs and challenges.

A heroic nun, Sister Rosemary, who is sheltering and educating the traumatized female victims of Uganda’s terrorist Joseph Kony.  She began, as all women do: by beginning.

Gloria Steinem, who at the age of 80, is still getting to the heart of feminist issues in today’s world.  Pithy, wise, humorous.  She is a pioneer and a treasure.

Two panels on the important issues of why women must start entering politics.  Duh! Why you should be involved, run for office and the nonnegotiable no brainer: vote in every election you can.  We women, over 50% of the population, have the ability to affect current events with our voting power.

Two brave film makers, Deeyah Khan and Xoel Pamos (Google them)  shared the horror of honor killings in the west.  Yes it is happening all around us.  Young women dying vicious deaths at the hands of their fathers, brothers and uncles. You can watch “Bahnaz, A Love Story” on YouTube.  Xoel Pamos’ documentary is called “Price of Honor.”

Robi Damelin, a spokeswoman for Families Forum, spoke about this poignant group of Israelis and Palestinians who have come together in their grief of losing their children to the unceasing conflict.  How they overcome their hatred of each other to promote reconciliation as an alternative to hatred and revenge.

Diane Von Furstenberg shared the story of how she became “the woman she wanted to be.”   It’s the title of her new memoir which you can find on Amazon.  Daughter of an emaciated holocaust survivor, she was never even supposed to be born. She is gritty and down to earth…not what you’d expect from a society fashion designer.

After listening to these stories and more, I find myself inspired by the stories of my own life and the complex mosaic that life offers up to all of us.  Whilst this is my moment to step away from my decades in the workplace, it is also my time to make the world a better, more loving and compassionate place. I left the conference feeling grateful to be a woman who can make a difference.

Carry on my lovelies.  You are strong because you are a woman.  You have the power to make a gesture.  There is no such thing as a small gesture.

Wishes for a happy weekend.

xo Liza

Whats cooking at Camp Liza this weekend:  Classic British fish pie.

P.S.  My compu I will be technically challenged, writing on an iPad, whilst my new Macbook makes it way from China to Mexico.


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2 thoughts on “You are amazing

  1. Liza, I wanted to attend the Women in the World Conference but my schedule didn’t permit, so I’m glad to read a synopsis from someone who was there. We must live near one another… Brave lady! I know what it’s like to write a blog from my iPad while I wait on a new Mac… Tedious. xoxoxo, Brenda

    1. Hi Brenda. Thanks ever so much for writing. To clarify, I did not attend the Texas conference. I “attended” it virtually via a live stream on the computer. I did attend, however, the annual 3-day Women in the World conference that is held each April in NYC. It will also be held in April 2015.

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