Are you a woman in the world?

Of course you are!  So join us!


Join me and hundreds of thousands of women who will “attend” the Women in the World @ Texas Conference  via free live streaming.

Who:  Tina Brown hosts (Yes Tina Brown, formerly of Vanity fair, The New Yorker, The Daily Beast)

What:  Women in the World Conference — live from San Antonio

Check out the inspiring program and guest speakers here.

When:  Wednesday, October 22, 2014

9:00 am Central Time

Where:  you can buy tickets in San Antonio, or watch it on your compu or iPad.

To watch it live:

Or go to The Daily Beast for link info.

Be inspired.  Touched.  Shocked.  Outraged. Angered. Moved to action.  Educated.  Fascinated.  And mostly, proud and thrilled to be a woman in the world.

Learn how women around the world are battling human injustice, sexism, racism, poverty, fighting for education, health, equal rights.

Mark the day in your calendar, reschedule your appointments, invite some friends over for an unforgettable day.

I’ll be there and live tweeting during the day.  Can’t wait to hear what you’re thinking too.

xo Liza

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