Weekend Space – 21

Calling on grace


imageThe leaves do not turn in the tropics where I live.  The green is everlasting.   So I share this picture to remind myself of the flaming and bittersweet glory of fall.

This weekend my heart aches with the various trials and health emergencies of my friends.  Life humbles me, brings me to my knees.

Silence is called for.  Simplicity is in order.  A book read whilst reclining on the couch. A cup of tea taken at dawn at the outside patio table, sweatered against the frosty dew. Flowers picked from the garden.   A candle flickering on the coffee table at cocktail hour.  Time spent writing in my journal and time spent talking to friends and family.

Calling on grace.  Be gentle with yourself and others.

That is my wish for you this weekend.

xo Liza


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