Okay, what I packed for 2 weeks

3 bottoms, 6 tops, 2 sweaters


One small roller duffle to carry onboard.   One rainproof messenger bag that holds a lot.

freitag blue



1.  One super thin, cotton nightgown.  Makes you feel glam at night when you’re exhausted. Wear with sweater or tunic  when receiving room service.

white nightgown

2.  Five undies, three bras

3.  Three socks

4.  Two pairs of shoes.  A chic blue suede walking “sneaker.”  A red suede loafer.  Both extremely comfortable.


red loafers



Clothes  Everything must be layered with everything.  So we want thin tops that can be easily worn together.  You’ll see I made one mistake, by including a top that could only be worn on its own.  Clothes by Eileen Fisher.

The 3 Bottoms:

–Black jeans

ponte jean
But not just any black jeans.  These are ponte jeans — as comfortable as sweatpants. Slick looking. Can be dressed up or down.


–Navy pants

–One black jersey pencil skirt

black skirt and top
This viscose jersey skirt is stretchy and comfy too. The silk blouse is the one I mention below as one of my tops.


The Tops :  2 sweaters + 6 underpinnings for mix and match layering= 8

–Thin black wool cardigan

black cardy

–Taupe wool pullover, medium weight

Works with the white silk shirt and the black jeans
Works with the white silk shirt and the black jeans

–Black jersey t shirt

muscle tee


–White silk short sleeve button down shirt. It’s the one above with the black skirt.

–Long sleeve viscose jersey top.  (for warmth)



–Striped long sleeve shirt



–Thin grey cotton box top

grey box

–Grey linen tunic

grey tunic



–Black nylon bubble trench (folds into a pouch)

black trench bubble

–Super thin down vest


–Black wool and suede baseball cap

wool cap

–Travel umbrella


–Black cotton leggings to wear in the hotel room and for exercising

–Two scarves for warmth and accessorizing.  One big enough to be a shawl.





Next time I would switch the pencil skirt for a fuller and more swingy black skirt.

Both my navy and black pants were tailored, and I learned that I need one of those pants to be a slouchy pant, both for comfort and for a change of look.

The taupe wool sweater was a bit too heavy for layering,  so I would take two light cardigans.

Couldn’t really layer the striped sailor shirt…so it had to be worn alone. Also very thick,  so, hard to wash in the bathroom sink. Don’t think I’d pack it next time.

Okay, confession time:  I did have a pair of black ballet flats with me to use for evenings out..but I only wore them once, so…out!

FUN TIP:  I always travel with a small bottle of Dr. Bronner’s.  I use it to cleanse face, shampoo hair, brush teeth and wash my clothes.

There you have it my lovelies. Now of course, you have your own style so you will look totally different.  I stuck to my usual minimalist color palette.  However, the quantity of items is right.  And, that everything must layer with everything to give you a variety of looks, otherwise it doesn’t go into the suitcase.

Please, please share your packing tips, successes, mistakes.  We want to hear:  everything.

xo Liza

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12 thoughts on “Okay, what I packed for 2 weeks

  1. Excellent information! First I need to invest in the Eileen Fisher clothes haha. Questions: There exists a single product you can use for washing hair, face, clothes, and teeth? I looked at the Bronner site but could not figure out what product that would be. And…was the rainproof messenger bag your “purse”? Going out to dinner etc. did you have something smaller? Thanks Liza 🙂

    1. The Dr. Bronner’s Castile liquid soap on the home page is THE one. Good question about a going out to dinner bag. I have a lovely (of course!) leather clutch in which I packed my chargers and cables. At night, I would empty the cables out and it became the evening clutch. Hope this helps!

  2. Loved to travel with my slimmed-down wardrobe……trains, planes, boats, ferries, buses, taxis…..what a relief to travel in Norway with just the basic. Looked good at Theatercafeen, Oslo most expensive restaurant, in my beige twinset…..invited by my new family.

  3. Liza, your list is great! I tend to use brighter colors, not a full range of white to gray to black, but you’d be surprised to know that I have comfy tops that go with lots of colors, even when I take, let’s say, beige, black and navy blue pants. I specifically shop for things that can be mixed and layered and dressed up or down and are not bulky to pack. As Katrina said, it’s a joy to travel light. I won’t wear blue jeans on a trip even when it’s just to travel by car to Cancun because I do not find them comfortable and they are very bulky, in addition to the “sloppiness” factor you mentioned. I loved, by the way, the idea of putting all the chargers in an evening bag.

  4. It is 2 years later and I just discovered this packing advice. It is just what I needed for my Nov trip for 2 weeks in France. Only 1 question. How did the red loafers & blue sneakers go with these beautiful outfits. Doesn’t seem to fit with the simple elegance of the outfits. I was going to bring my super comfortable black short boots & a black pair of walking shoes.

    1. I think your comfy black short boots and black walking shoes sound perfect! I just try to mix it up and go “high low,” hence the blue sneaks. My red loafers are a soft, faded suede and truly look good with everything. But I think you are spot on with your black boots and shoes. Have a wonderful trip!

  5. Hi Liza

    I enjoyed your lux travel tips!

    If you ever come to Southeast, Florida,
    I have some of my own.

    Thak You, Gracias

    Maria Elena

      1. Hi Liza

        I am retired and on a budget.

        My interest are:

        Art, Fashion and Music.
        I love international shows
        such as Art Basel, Fashion Week
        and also Jazz concerts.

        My travel tips are:
        Travel light and fashionable,
        Get as much information ahead
        of visiting a new place.
        Join complementary clubs and
        get all the perks!

        I am very lucky to live in the melting
        pot that is Southeast, Florida USA

        Best of luck!

        Maria Elena
        Miami, Florida USA

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