What to do after a trip

Gentle-ing your way back into your life



1.  From this day forward:  tell people you are returning a day or two later than you actually are.   This gives you time to slip into town unnoticed and hole up in your place, nursing the travel ennui and jet lag without being seen in public.  On the day of your official rentree, you will be 100%.  Composed and charming.

2.  Speaking of jet lag.  It takes at least a week to get over, so relax about it.  Lots of liquids, teas, water, hot soups.  Nothing scheduled.  Naps. A bath. A home pedicure.  Be super gentle with yourself.  Unpack at leisure, do the laundry at leisure, poke around and put things in order.  Repeat:  naps, liquids, puttering.  Nothing scheduled.

3.  Make a list of everything you packed and decide what worked and what didn’t, and why.  (Sweater too thin, too thick, a one-use item, etc.)  Everything should have been worn a lot, if not, it could have been left home.  This list will help you so much when you pack for the next trip.  If you think you will remember it, you won’t.  So yes, make the list.

I traveled with a carry on for two weeks in France thinking my packing was perfect, only to find when I came home, I could have gone with even less.  Amazing how little we really need to feel comfortable and chic.

Did you judge the weather correctly when you packed?  I guarantee you, it is always colder where you are going than you think.  (Unless you are going to Yucatan.)  Easier to peel off thin layers than struggle with cold.  One of the new super thin down vests packs easily and always comes in handy.

What did you forget at home, or have to buy at your destination in order to survive?

4.  Make a list of what the trip cost you.  Good when budgeting your next trip.  Review all the receipts and put them in an envelope.  Months later, open the envelope, walk down memory lane, and then you throw them out.  (We live in a no clutter zone.)

5.  Make a list of what you bought.  Just for grins.

6.  I make a “to do” list of the ways I want to incorporate what I learned from the trip into my life.  On this trip to France, I came home wanting to bake mini madeleines, make my own pate and salted caramel sauce.  I have a new vision of salads, soups and mashed potatoes.

7.  Be grateful.  You did it.  It was wonderful.  You loved your trip, and now you love your life again.

Do you have tips to share with us, about what you do when you return from a trip?  If so, chat away in the comment section below.  We want to learn from you!

xo Liza

P.S.  I’ll tell you about Paris in my next post.

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11 thoughts on “What to do after a trip

  1. I love your reminders and suggestions. Excellent tips. Very useful. And your writing is fun to read. Awaiting more stories!

  2. Would LOVE to see the Liza Travels to Paris Packing list! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. . Looking forward to hearing all about it!!!!

  3. My thank you notes were written immediately after the visit. And I have practically nothing in my suitcase right here in Jorpeland, near Stavanger…using the same sweater and twin set over and over…same thing with my pants.. Will go hiking, and friends will lend me good boots and a jacket…my Burberry will not do. LESS is MORE!!!!!!!

  4. Forgot to mention that so far I only had to buy a cable for my laptop….the one I used in Istanbul did not fit. This is the only thing that was needed.

  5. Excellent tips. I especially liked immediately making lists of what you packed and what you spent. Do this while the info is fresh. And, yes, I also want to know what is on your “to pack” list.

  6. Liza, these are some great tips. We aren’t planning a “far away and exotic” trip any time soon, but I’ll certainly refer to your list of lists when we are and take it seriously. Where do you get an ultra thin vest? That might keep me warm but avoid my husband’s grumbling about all the packing space I take up with bulky jackets or sweaters. Glad you are home!

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