Flying is trying

Tips for taking control of your flying experience










Is there anyone who likes flying?  I sure don’t.

Like everyone, I resent the hurry up and wait, being at the mercy of, standing on line after line, the security strip down, crowded seating, crowds, brusque airline service, jet lag and the inevitable cold I get after being on an airplane. Airport food makes you feel lousy and delays are the norm not the exception.

One thing I’ve learned to do is to not complain anymore.  Complaining about travel is boring, its all been said, it makes you relive it again and injects negative energy into an already trying situation.

Unless you can afford a first class ticket, patience and relaxation are the priceless way to add glamour to your travel.  Relaxxx….you will get where you are going.

People please!  Stop stressing about rushing on board to find an empty overhead bin for your carry on. If there is no room for it, the airline will check it, for free, right there at the gate.


Now that the airlines have stopped serving meals, you can stop complaining about how bad the food is! If you buy the food they sell on the airplane, well…

You do have control over your travel dining.  For me, the picnic queen, this is gourmet fun time. Nothing more comforting or luxurious than unwrapping my own sensual, sandwich with a side of crudités. A piece of fruit, some cookies, chocolate.  All part of the fun of planning a trip.

J'adore les baguettes
J’adore les baguettes


If thinking about preparing your food for the plane is too much trouble for you, then get something you like at your favorite local deli the day before.  It’s bound to be better than that pricey something you buy at the airport.

If you take the time to think about your meals ahead of time, your flight can have a spec of civility and dreaminess.  A paper cup of breakfast coffee on an early morning flight rises to the occasion when you unwrap your home baked scone. The sad cup of tea you are served becomes tea time when you pull out the McVities.  The lonely glass of wine looks festive when accompanied by a wedge of cheese and crackers.






Always pack a sweet.  Pack this even if you think you don’t want it, because you will.  Or someone sitting near you will.  I have saved many a “situation” by pulling out a pack of gummy bears.

A travel pillow and eyeshade are a must.  The pillow can work for the small of your back as well as the neck. An eyeshade is ten times better than just closing your eyes. It blocks out the light and it makes you feel invisible. Private is good.


Definitely have enough reading material to engage and thrill you. I have a loaded Kindle for reading and an iPad for games and movies. I also take a small knitting project, such as socks or hand warmers.  Noise blocking headphones leave me feeling refreshed.




candy crush








And finally, I like to feel extremely attractive when I fly.  No sweatpants for this gal.  I don’t dress “up” — but I make sure that my comfortable and casual clothes are as chic as can be.  If I like the way I look, that’s half the battle.

airport outfit
Simple chic is always comfortable.
airport style
That’s not me, ha ha. But it’s how I dress for travel.












There, that’s how I cosset myself when thrown into the rough and tumble world of flying.

All aboard!

xo Liza


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