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My first trip to Europe was on the Queen Elizabeth 2 with a steamer trunk.

Travel today is not for the faint hearted.  No longer glamorous, it is travail.  (That’s “work” in French)   I’ve had to learn new tricks to keep up with the deglamification (I made it up) of travel.

For trips where I’ll be moving around a lot and not planning to shop, I’ve switched to a carry-on wheelie,  not because airlines charge for checked baggage, (what’s $25 after you’ve spent $800 for the ticket) but because I don’t like lugging a large suitcase up and down metro steps.

My Kipling duffle is in leopard pattern.
My small, light, rolling Kipling duffle is in a leopard pattern.


You may already know about Eagle Creek travel packing organizers…but they just changed my life. I picked up the basic “Pack-It” set and was astonished at how much clothes I was able to pack due to the compression — and even more impressed with how unwrinkled everything  was when I took it out.  Order and calm for the jet lagged mind.


Almost all my clothes fits into these three compression packs.
Almost all my clothes fit into these three compression packs.


This cool short shows how it works.


Here’s why less is more.  Look at how many outfits you can get from two pants, one skirt, and four tops.  You do the math.  Thanks Eileen Fisher.

ef travel


Thanks to my friend Barbara Berman of BB’s Clutter Solutions who turned me on to Eagle Creek and other packing tips.   Hmmm…why my interest in travel tips…?   All will be revealed!

xo  Liza

P.S.  Do you have travel tips you can share with us.  We want to hear them desperately.


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6 thoughts on “Travel tips for now

  1. Packing for my Norwegian trip next week..will look over my selection again…Hate dragging a lot of stuff, and will be doing a bit of travel there, the weather is always uncertain, have to bring a good raincoat, umbrellas do not work on the windy and rainy west-coast. But I also want to make a good impression on my new, biological family so will use my Burberry coat when I meet them, and my nice Louis Feraud pant suit. Groan……will have to weed out some stuff. No packing advice from me today.

    1. Try 3 bottoms with 6 tops. No pantsuit. Softer, layerable clothing. Every single piece should work with everything. Lay it out on the bed. The reason I know this is because I always pay attention to all the clothes I didn’t wear when I unpack from a trip. xo

  2. Will remove the pantsuit…..and go over everything again. 3 bottoms and 6 tops might do. 2 pairs of shoes only….if I go hiking in the fjords, my friends will lend me boots and suitable clothes. Bought a light, well-made rain cape yesterday………cannot avoid this garment, unfortunately.

    1. Do report back Katrina, with your final pack and how happy you are that you take less. The combinations of outfits you can get with 3 bottoms and six tops — if you choose correctly, is huge! A few scarves go a long way to accessorizing too. xo

  3. I always plan carefully what I wear on the plane, as well. It has to go with everything in the suitcase, but also be comfy and wrinkle resistent. I, too, usually have one pair of shoes on my feet on the trip and only one more in the suitcase. If the flight is long, I take some light travel socks and my own super-slim-and-light blanket in my hand luggage. I’ll be looking into that Eagle Creek stuff, although I have gotten some of the same effects just using different size Ziplock bags and squeezing out all the air. Their advantage is that they add basically no weight at all. Their disadvantage is that you have to fold things very carefuly to just the right width and length, and some items are just plain too large to fit.

    1. Well..both you and Katrina take two pairs of shoes…and I take three. Maybe I’ll pair down to two next trip. You will love the Eagle Creek set. Super lightweight nylon. I got mine at The Container Store in the US.

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