What did you do today?

Not much…

I love making lists...for everything.
I like lists.  They organize me and help me see my accomplishments.


Today I want to talk about my feeling that I never do very much.  Or rather, that I often feel I do not do enough.

At the end of any day if you asked me what I did, I would probably say, “Not very much.”

But the reality is, when I make a list of everything I did — it is enormous what I accomplished.  So, why do I feel as though I’m never doing enough?

Is this a female thing?  And if so, how did this get put into us?  There is a guilt glitch in this mystery that we need to break down and out.

For instance, yesterday, on a Sunday,  I made waffles, went for my morning bike ride, cleaned the pool, wrote a blog post, cleaned the kitchen, practiced yoga, watched a WTA final, and it wasn’t even noon yet.

So, is it just me or…do you feel the same?

OR, do you never feel this way?  Do you feel perfectly fine with what you accomplish?

Waiting to hear from you.  And c’mon guys, I know you’re out there, reading this blog.  So now’s a good time to chime in.

xo Liza

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3 thoughts on “What did you do today?

  1. I feel that it partially because of the construction of success. Eg we accomplish things to gain our success and we think of success as career mostly, but could also be family or school. The little things that you do to make your life work are not weighted the same as our “successes”

    I personally think this is a highly flawed system of measurement that discounts much of what we do on a daily basis. Perhaps this is in part your feeling?

  2. I feel that way often at the end of an 8 hour workday, whereas on a weekend, when I am multitasking like a mad woman, I feel like I have accomplished loads. On balance, i probably do more at work than I give myself credit for, because talking to staff and just answering random questions IS work.

    1. You are right about talking to people at work. It eats up a great amount of time and we don’t, for some reason, count that as productive or producing. But so necessary. Also…multi tasking… I’ve banished it from my life. It was “in” for awhile and now I find it is destructive and soul killing.

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