Weekend Space – 18

Eight things I learned on my summer vacation

Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park
Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park in Michigan


1.  Revisiting a childhood vacation spot and all its golden memories is:  not a good idea glorious.  You can go home again if you do it the right way.  Let your memories guide you but then let go of them and enjoy the present.  Never, never say:  this isn’t the way I remembered it. Of course it isn’t.  Enjoy the new magic.

glen lake

2.  After a lifetime (!) I’ve finally realized that I am a sweet water gal, not a salt water person.  I’ll take a lake anyday.  Thank goodness we’ve straightened that out.

Lake Michigan is magic
Lake Michigan is magic


3.  Staring at a sunrise or sunset is not a waste of time.  Read why here.  “This is your brain on silence.”

4.  Once you’ve learned to steer a canoe, it becomes muscle memory.  Me on a river in a canoe, decades later… Yes!  Note to self:  go canoeing and kayaking whenever possible.

Bliss again
Bliss again


5.  Packing a picnic for road trips is the only way to go.  More delicious, less expensive. I mean, how many burgers and fries can you take?

Sandwiches.  Are.  Heaven.
Sandwiches. Are. Heaven.


6.  Try something new.  For me it was paddle board.  I lasted about 30 seconds, but I did try it. And plan to try it again in the future when I’m feeling more nimble.

paddle board
Cousin Maia was brill at this on her first time.


7.  When you turn the proper age, buy yourself the best value in the world.

National Park Service Lifetime Pass for $10 U.S.


8.  Cousin love is the best.  Shout out to the brilliant and gorgeous Maia Dunkel.



Thank you Lake Michigan, Glen Lake, Glen Arbor, Mission Peninsula, Sleeping Bear Dunes, Leelenau everything, all those beautiful wineries and breweries, lakes everywhere we looked, cherry stands, marinas, cute towns one after the other.  We love Empire, Leeland, Traverse City, Northport, Frankfort, Sutton’s Bay.

Did you have any revelations during your summer vacation?  We want to hear yours, for real.

xo  Liza


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