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Kanye taking away Taylor's mic so he can manslain, not giving her a chance to accept her award.  VMA 2009
Kanye taking away Taylor’s mic so he can mansplain, robbing her right to accept her VMA 2009 award.


Do you remember this moment?  Taylor Swift was awarded a Video Music Award and before she could even say thank you, Kanye stormed the stage, grabbed the mic out of her hand and said that Beyonce deserved this award.

This post is inspired by an article my DD brought to my attention in Bitch Media magazine, titled “Seven studies that prove mansplaining exists.”

Mansplaining:  a man interrupting a woman to explain something to her — and worse — “when he doesn’t even know what he’s talking about.”

Our society teaches women to be quiet, to not call attention to themselves, to not talk too much.  Women are taught to be active, attentive listeners.

Studies have shown that in classrooms, boys get called on more by the teacher because they wave frantically, calling attention to themselves and start talking before called on.  The teacher calls on them as a way of quieting them down.  No surprise then that studies show that boys talk more in class.

No surprise that studies show that men dominate conversations, men interrupt more than women, that a female doctor will be interrupted more often than a male doctor.  E.T.C.

This article struck a huge nerve with me because there was a lot of mansplaining in my life.  Ouch!  I needed this feminist thinking decades ago.  I can’t go back and redo that past.  I have no more bosses because I own my own business.  For the most part my battles are lost, won and over.

So, what do I do with these new feminist understandings?  I can’t just sit on my rage.   What I can do is write an article like this and encourage all girls and women to speak up.

Here’s what you can say to any girls, young women,or older women in your life. Tell them to practice saying, “Don’t interrupt me.”  “I’m not finished speaking.”  “I just said that.”  “No explanation needed.”

I love what the young feminists are thinking today.  Carry on ladies.  Because I’m not finished talking yet.

xo  Liza

P.S.  Speak up!  We def want to hear your thoughts below.

P.P.S.  Shout out to my wonderful feminist DD, Nina.  Keep teaching me.


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5 thoughts on “Mansplaining

  1. Variation on mansplaining: mansuming. A man assuming a woman doesn’t know how to do something. The other day my husband and I stopped in to the car dealership where I’m thinking of buying a new little hatchback. Our male friend came along for the ride. I sat in the driver’s seat in the showroom and fiddled with everything to see how it felt. Got out of the car, and hubby did the same and then got out. Then the male friend sat down in the driver’s seat. Looked up at me standing beside him and actually said “but it’s a standard.” Hubby and I both looked blankly at him. Felt he needed to mansume, he said to me “oh but can you drive a standard?” I kid you not. You will be happy to know that my hubby responded “why would you ask that?” 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Liza — your generalizations about women being quiet and men dominating conversations does not apply in my life’s experience. in particular, my sister chris can talk nonstop for an hour without taking a breath, and as a result we don’t have conversations. I just listen.

  3. I was mansplained today at the bank. I was trying to pay my electric bill and the ATM wasn’t working. A man told me I could pay the bill at Oxxo. I looked at my bill and it did not say Oxxo as a place to pay the bill. I told the man there was no Oxxo cited on my bill. He took my bill and started reading aloud to me all the sites where I could pay the bill. He was reading to me so he could show me that Oxxo was there. I can read perfectly well thank you. I took the bill out of his hands and walked away. Un. Be. Liv. A. Ble.

  4. Hi everyone. I will use this space to keep recording mansplaining moments as I hear or see them.
    Today on the shores of Lake Michigan, a woman rented a paddleboard and launched herself into the lake. She was paddling away when her husband came up to the shore running and shouting. “Oh! I want to try that! Just for a little while!” The woman, who had just gotten up on the board paddled back and got off the board so her little spoiled boy husband could have a try. He could have waited until she was finished, but no. He couldn’t get up on the board. Now his wife could go have her fun. But only after he interrupted her.

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