Weekend Space – 17

My name is Liza and I am a candy crusher.


I am not a game player — of cards, of computer games, of anything.  Maybe a little chess or sudoku now and then.  Not good at crossword puzzles.

But one day I heard the noise of crashing, crushing and the word, “Delicious!”  and I asked my DD what she was doing.  I took one look and was hooked.

Me and 93 million people around the world.

And I’m here to say, Candy Crush is not mindless, time wasting fun.  I play it for health reasons.

Candy Crush keeps my brain lithe.   Mental gymnastics to stave off the Alzheimer’s.  It requires strategic thinking and geometry.  At a certain point when the candies change color, it works your memory muscles.

Good to know:  Depending on how you use it, a Candy Crush session can either wake you up or put you to sleep.

I’ll go on record here and say I have not and will never spend a cent on Candy Crush.  I don’t buy extra lives, or moves, or tickets.  I just play until I get it right.

So, next time you see (or hear) me candy crushing, shh…mind at work.

Do you have a guilty passion, or silly pastime?   Fess up here.  No judgements.

Wishes for a happy weekend.

xo  Liza

P.S.  I like jelly candy, such as gummy bears and worms, licorice. My favorite chocolate is chocolate covered orange peel.   Candy Crush is calorie free!  Okay, so let’s dish about our favorite candies too.


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