Weekend Space – 15

Too.  Much.  Pain.



I had a post all written and ready to go.

But I’m pausing.  Heavy heart.  The unspeakable murder of the travelers on Malaysian #17.  The killings in Gaza and Israel.

Terror and hardship goes on all the time, all around the world, misery we can’t even quantify. Two and a half million (!) Syrians driven out of their destroyed country, living as refugees in Turkey and Jordan. The desperate life in the violent Congo and many countries of Africa.  And on.  And on.  And on.

Our fate is simply an accident of birth.  Where you were born is: everything.

Oh the irony and cruelty.  We are annoyed because the market is out of lobster, whilst others suffer filth, hunger, desperation.  We read in the newspaper about the atrocities happening elsewhere in the world, placed next to an advertisement for a $35,000 Tiffany diamond necklace.

How do we justify?  How do we rectify?

The fact is:  you have to live the life you are in.  If your life is about the luxury of a good haircut and getting to work on time,  well, that’s your life.  You live your calling.  We can’t all be a Doctor without a Border, or a CARE volunteer.

But that doesn’t mean to carry on blithely and say, “not in my backyard” or “it doesn’t affect me.”  Attention must be paid. (Arthur Miller, Death of a Salesman)   Stop and give pause.  Open the heart.  Meditate.  Send wishes out into the ether.  There are things we can do.  We can read and educate ourselves about current events.  We can send money or volunteer.  We can write letters, talk to friends, watch the news.  We can be present to the suffering.

Occasionally I meditate at the Buddhist Zendo.  What good does it do for a roomful of people in Merida, to mediate on the lives, hardships and sorrows of others?

It is nothing.  It is everything.

This weekend, I’m overwhelmed.  I pause to feel compassion for the suffering and to honor the departed.

Heavy heart,

xo Liza

P.S.  How do you process current events?   How do current events affect your life and what you “do” about them?



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