Weekend Space – 14

I cannot teach anyone anything,  I can only make them think.  — Socrates

Painting by Nicole Plettes
Painting by Nicole Plettes


This fine summer weekend, I invite you to join me in thinking about how the artist painted a clear glass tumbler of water with brushstrokes of color.

On the topic of  thinking… I’ve been thinking about how our minds consume so much junk food — on the telly, the radio, the internet, What’s App, FB, Twitter, Instagram…  Mind you, I enjoy and benefit from them too, but occasionally feel numb from everything poking me in little sound bites.

You can’t imagine how much your mind longs to t h i n k, to hang out with one idea for awhile and stretch it into its permutations.

May I introduce you to The Philosopher’s Mail.  This is an online newspaper that’s devoted to actually thinking about the news instead of just reporting it.  We consume the news, but do we  explore its connotations, precedents and future implications?

The Philosopher’s Mail, says the NYTimes, is run by “Swiss-born, London-based author Alain de Botton, who has spent his career applying great ideas of philosophy and literature to everyday life.   It is modeled on the British tabloid, The Daily Mail, which gets 40 million hits a day.  But The Philosopher’s Mail approaches news and global affairs as philosophically teachable moments.”

You can read a really good, short (!) and well worth it article in the NYTimes about Mr. Botton and The Philosopher’s Mail here.

My take:  Thinking feels as good as…pasta…or…yoga.

If you are feeling resistant or say, “I don’t have any time,” start with this.

 How to make better porn


Pierre Bonnard  "Siesta"
Pierre Bonnard “Siesta”



How we end up marrying the wrong people


I fell for the fairytale just like everyone did.
I fell for the fairytale just like everyone did.



Do, please, inspire us with what you’re doing thinking this weekend.  Comment box below and waiting for ya.  Carry on!

xo Liza

P.S.  The Philosopher’s Mail makes for really great reading on your iPad, in bed, during the 3 a.m. can’t sleep moments.  You know what I’m talking about.



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2 thoughts on “Weekend Space – 14

  1. Strangely enough, Nicole Pletts’ work goes for not a huge amount. Hydrangeas, 1200 USD… Now if I could just manage to get that shipped without losing an arm and a leg to customs…. Or I might need to win the lottery several times over to try and buy this: http://lamonomagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Female-Act-by-Egon-Schiele.jpg Sort of covers the other (porn) topic. 😀

    As for Kim Kardashian… Large arse or not, who the hell cares and why SHOULD they???? What has SHE done to distinguish herself apart from make a bad porn movie? Like so many others (Pamela Anderson of Baywatch fame, and then everyone else who wanted to get famous quick)… I despair of humanity. None of us any longer stop and THINK. We are all sheep, following blindly where all the morons of the universe have gone before us. OK, so I am a grumpy old moo today. I admit. But – SERIOUSLY????? The sooner we all realise that the rubbish we are fed by TV/media is just that, the better. But – ooops – for that you need a good education, Now sadly lacking in too many countries unless you are rich enough to pay for it… I’ll go get myself a G&T and cool off. 😀 xxxx

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