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How to shop the summer sales

Gone shopping
Gone shopping


Summer.  It’s a beautiful word.  A change of rhythm and light does everyone good.  Things go marvelously slack. Sweet mornings, lost afternoons, dreamy nights.  Acres of time to read, dream, create.

It’s July 4th weekend and although it is not celebrated in Mexico, I cherish memories of years past — beach, barbecues, strawberry shortcake, parades, fireworks and… the start of the summer sales.    We dream of summer all year and when it arrives, it  flies by lickety split.  The sales are early and you have the rest of the summer to wear your clothes.  Besides,  pre fall is already in the stores.  (I hate that.)

My Me & Eileen article generated a huge response.  Here are my shopping tips which may seem obvious, but when I share these tips with women, they are grateful.

1.  I never buy something because it’s on sale.  I buy it because I need it or love it.  Another ironclad rule for me is:  one in, one out.  Yes, something or things, in the closet must go.

2.   Learn how to read online reviews.  Language is ambiguous.  “Long” to me might mean something different to you.  Have you noticed that the majority of online reviews are negative?   Why?  People like to complain.  The reality is, most people don’t take the time to write a review if they love something.  We all have different bodies, likes and dislikes, so read the review with your discerning mind,  open to what might or might not pertain to you.  If several reviewers discuss fabrication, definitely take note of that.

3.  Shop for basics first.  Good pants, tank tops for underpinnings.  The perfect white shirt. Great jeans. LBD.  A versatile skirt.

4. After that, shop with an open mind.  This is a great time to experiment.  Try on things you never would have thought might work on you.  You might have a pleasant surprise.

5. Learn how to make a scarf your best fashion accessory.


These next tips pertain specifically to Eileen Fisher.

6.  Talk to the SA’s. They really know the merch,  whether a piece is cut large or small, and what looks good on what kinds of bodies.  Let the EF SA’s style you. They know how the pieces work together. They will have combinations you would never put together and once you try them on, you might be thrilled.

7.  Don’t look at the price tag when trying on.  Use this opportunity to see yourself in new ways.  Until you try on certain looks, certain fabrications, you will not know if they work on you, or, if its been what you’ve been missing all these years.

9. Try on three different sizes of the same thing.  Your size, one bigger, one smaller.   Items can run large or small, and also, the same piece can look different on you in different sizes.

10. Sign up for the EF customer rewards program.

11.  When you decide to retire a piece of EF clothing, EF wants it back from you. Receive $5.00 in store credit for every piece of used EF clothing you bring back to them.  This is all about waste, recycling, repurposing, reselling at Green Eileen stores, with all profits going to charity.

12. Get on the EF mailing list to hear about private sales and discounts.

14.  If something is sold out online, call the EF toll free number and they will look for your item in one of their stores and have it sent directly to you.  How cool is that.

Okay my lovelies.  Wishes for a happy, healthy summer.  And for my North American readers, Happy Fourth of July!


Childhood Summer Memories
Do you have happy memories of your childhood Fourth of July’s?


What are you doing this long weekend?  Traveling? Entertaining?  Vegging?  Do tell.   Me?  I’ll be breakfasting at the Wimbledon finals with the traditional strawberries and cream.  Ok, Prosecco too.

xo  Liza


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2 thoughts on “Weekend Space – 12

  1. The Club de Vela de Yucatan board is coming to Las Tunas for an American style 4th of July…on Saturday the 5th! Going the whole 9 yards with the menu and decor. Even asked them to dress in red, white and blue! I hear they are quite excited about this picnic / party.

  2. Sometimes I think the 4th of July was the heart of my childhood. Even after all these years, I can remember the thrill of the gathering at our neighbor’s farm, the menú of Maryland steamed crabs, corn-on-the-cob, watermelon and the privilege of staying up late into the evening playing kick-the-can and other “way back then” games kids used to delight in.

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