Weekend Space – 10

“Tea is always a good idea.”

Is it just me, or is this great?
Is this great –or is it just me?


This weekend I’m thinking about being kind to yourself, or rather, myself.  Okay, all of us.

I live alone now.  There is no one to bring me morning tea in bed, which I consider one of the nicest gestures one person can do for another.

So I do the kindest thing I can imagine. I bring myself a cup of tea. A gift from me to me. I get up, put the electric kettle on, let the dogs out, make a cuppa (PG Tips is my religion)  “with 1 and 3/4’s sugar, show it the milk” and take it back to bed.  There I sip my way into the day.

Why is PG Tips so delish?
Why is PG Tips so delish?


When my Mother was diagnosed with fourth stage lung cancer by a doctor we had never met until that moment, we got into the car afterwards and she turned to me and said, “Let’s go home and have a cup of tea.”

When my father was lingering in the nursing home, I was fraught. “Daddy, would you like a cup of tea?” He always said yes.  It gave me a purpose, running down the hall, making the tea, and coming back. He couldn’t drink it, so I did.  Which was, perhaps, the point.

Now, whenever I am troubled, confused or sad, or conversely, whenever I am content, cozy, delighted, I say,  “Time for a cuppa.” Those Brits. There ‘s nothing that can’t be faced with a cup of tea.

This weekend, ask your love to bring you tea in bed, or ask yourself to bring you a cuppa.   And kitsch or not, I do love me a good sock monkey in a bathrobe.

xo Liza

P.S.  Watch this only if you find the sock monkey as cute as I do. It’s filled with some Brit references that only a Brit would know about.

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8 thoughts on “Weekend Space – 10

  1. I have taken tea to my husband every morning (I get up earlier). And on those VERY FEW days when I don’t/can’t get up, a cuppa appears on my bedside table.

  2. I’m not a tea girl, however coffee is used in this luxury ritual at my house. For many years my husband would bring me coffee in bed with the newspaper every Sunday. These days I love the early morning on our sun porch before he awakens, but he still serves it up on my birthday and mother’s day.

  3. Always Tea and always PG! Served black and in a mismatched antique bone china cup and saucer for this Brit girl.

  4. And speaking of tea…Starbucks acquired Teavana awhile back..so in America, tea is about to explode as the next new big thing. Certainly took long enough…

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