Weekend Space – 9

Are you alarmed?

I love my happy Swiss clock.
Hand carried from Zurich.


I’m not.  I’m alarm free.

How fortunate I am now to wake up each morning without needing the services of an alarm clock.  That’s because I’m self employed and work on my own schedule.

For years, first as a career woman in Manhattan, and later, as a Mother in Merida, my alarm was dutifully set for 6 a.m.   In Manhattan it was: make coffee, shower, blow dry, makeup, dress, march to subway, then the subway, march to the office,  and begin work.  Whew.   Later, in Merida, I would jump out of bed, wake the kids, prepare breakfast and school lunches, supervise dressing and grooming, pile everyone into the car at 6:45  and get them to school by 7 a.m.  (In Mexico, if you don’t get your kids to school by seven, the doors close and they won’t let your kids in.  It’s a punishment for the parents if your kids are late to school.)

I would return home by 7:20 feeling as though I had lived half a day already.

I did my time, ha ha, and now, children grown and flown, and being self employed, I drift sweetly up from unconsciousness into a dreamy wakefulness every morning.  Every single morning I am aware of this hard earned good fortune, and I begin each day with pleasure and gratitude.

That said, if you still have an alarm clock lifestyle here are two life hacks.

1.  Get an alarm clock that you can love.  The aesthetic of this clean Swiss design from Mondaine does it for me.  It has a nightlight, a gentle chirp and I appreciate how its second hand moves smoothly instead of clicking.  Oh those Swiss.  And it is chic.  Chic is good when it comes to waking bad.  For those of you who think this clock face is familiar:  it is.  Mondaine is the official watch of the Swiss National Railway.  You see it in every railway station in Switzerland, and many other countries as well, and has been inducted into design history for its perfection.

2.   Change your wakeup gestalt.   When the alarm blings, instead of groaning, moaning or cursing, and lying there, begging for five more minutes of sleep…

Jump up out of bed!  Do a fist pump and say, “Yes!”

There, that changes everything, doesn’t it?

xo Liza

P.S.  When I have an early morning flight, I set as many alarm clocks  as I have– battery, electric, my mobile, because I fear all of them going on the blink.  You know what I’m talking about!

Do you have any alarm clock stories to share?  What is your relationship to your alarm clock?  Tell us what clock is beside your bed.


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