Weekend Space – 8

Wild Flowers by Fox Fodder Farm
Wild Flowers by Fox Fodder Farm

Some flower power for your weekend.

Hi Everyone!

Now that we’ve got a little community going on here — and growing with each post, I might add — I thought I’d take care of some business.

First of all…these flowers are for you with a big thank you for reading, joining, participating.  Like everything in life, Camp Liza will evolve and change.  If you want to suggest a topic, start a conversation or share information that you think our community would like, please write in the comment box or send an email through the contact page.   I keep an inspiration board and a library of ideas percolating at all times.

I’m currently posting twice a week. On Tuesdays I try to post something thoughtful, thought provoking or newsworthy. On Fridays, I want to be more inspirational and fun.

And yes, the look is different this week. More minimalist.  I’m trying new tones, colors, feelings.  Let me know what you think. Do you like it, not, or meh?

So, about the floral arrangement.  A talented young floral artist, Taylor Patterson of Fox Fodder Farm has inspired in me a new adventurousness when it comes to arranging flowers in my home.  A look at the bouquets on her website is a mini soul vacation.   On her quick how-to on flower arranging I learned:   amazing what a little tape can do.  Duh.

I’ll leave you with a sweet phrase, to go along with the flowers.  Thank you Julia Child!

My new mantra.  Art by Mary Englebreit
My new mantra. Art by Mary Englebreit


Let me know what you think about the new look.  Calm but chic and cool is what I’m going for.

Wishes for a happy weekend!

xo Liza

P.S.  I’ll be glued to the telly this weekend, watching the French Open finals at Roland Garros.  Women on Saturday morning, men on Sunday morning.


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4 thoughts on “Weekend Space – 8

  1. I love the flower arranging tape trick! As you say, “Duh”. I’ll keep my eye on this site. Does anyone else remember that Lady Byrd Johnson used her time as First Lady and afterwards to promote the research and cataloguing of US wildflowers. She published a wonderful, informative book, with amazing pictures, which can probably be found in most public libraries.

    1. Thanks for reminding about Lady Bird’s love of wild flowers. I love it when people follow their passion. It always makes the world a better place.

  2. This feels like the cool girls’ club. I’m loving it. I recently saw an old Anthony Bourdain show on Japan that explained a tinch about Ikebana that got me interested in this philosophy of arranging. Too often I just shove a bouquet into a vase. From now on I will let the flowers talk to me.

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