Weekend Space – 7

Pocket this!

Not this pocket.
Not this pocket.


You know what I’m talking about.  You start surfing the net, doing some research, or reading the NYTimes online… and you find all these articles you want to read but you don’t have time to read them now.  So you print them out, or write them down, or say,” I’ll read this later.” Only to never see them again.

That’s why you want this Pocket!


Your new best friend.
Your new best friend.


This free app is your virtual pocket.  When you see an video or an article that you want to read later, you send it to your Pocket. The app sets you up and does all the work for you.   Your content is there, ready and waiting for when you have the time to read.  The format is beautiful, I might add.  It’s like you have created your own magazine of all the articles and videos that interest you.

Easy peasy:  even a technobumpkin (like me!) can use it.

The best?  I can read my Pocket offline.  Yay.  I can be at my doctor’s office or sitting on an airplane and watch this illuminating video on women’s poverty in America or escape on virtual trip.  Pocket is perfect for saving recipes you heart, like this article on how to use spinach five ways.

Who would have thought I needed Pocket?  Thank goodness they did.

Wishes for a happy weekend!

xo Liza

P.S.  Do you have a favorite app you want to share with us?  We’d love to hear about it!  In the comments section, campers.  We’re counting on you.


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2 thoughts on “Weekend Space – 7

  1. I would love a “pocket” but I have a surface rt and it’s not compatible 🙁 Has anyone found a surface app they like that is similar?

    1. Ooh Marg, thanks ever so much for bringing this to my attention. I will contact Pocket about this ASAP. I’m surprise that they haven’t made it compatible. Stay tuned for updates.

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