Weekend Space – 6

Color Challenged


Great color combinations exist naturally.
Great color combinations exist naturally.


For me there is black, white and all the shades of grey.  Maybe bone and brown.  Oh, and navy.  Always navy. Okay, some red.  This blog started out black and white, actually.  Ha ha.

Thank goodness for Jessica Colaluca, founder of Design Seeds and Fresh Hues.

Her incredible website and blog take me by the hand to explore the world of color.  What goes with what?  Really?  Yes.  Brill.

Poke around by theme, shade, season, emotion.  Jessica does not disappoint.  She shows you how to pull color from natural and woman made things.  She helps you look at ordinary things in a color appreciative way.

See what I mean?
See what I mean?


Now I can figure out paint, slipcovers and throw pillows in a polished way. Her color boards inform my table setting, gift wrapping, scarf selection.

File this creative coolness into your address book. ‘Cause you never know.

Wishes for a happy weekend!

xo  Liza


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3 thoughts on “Weekend Space – 6

  1. I am sooooo into color. My mother taught me. I remember sitting at the kitchen table with the box of crayons and pieces of transparent plastic sheets in the primary colors of red, yellow, and blue. She taught me how each two primary colors combined (red + blue = purple for instance) means its “opposite” color is the remaining primary color, yellow in this case. Red + yellow = orange. Its opposite color is blue. Yellow + blue = green. Its opposite color is red. And then she taught me the names of some of her favorite colors. Chartreuse. Periwinkle. Lavender. Sea green. And the difference between magenta, fuschia, and scarlet. I have gone through my whole life, as a result, naming colors wherever I see them and looking for ways to mix and match colors in ways that make me feel good, and ways that might be unexpected, like warm + cool. Thanks for the tip about Jessica’s website! Brilliant.

  2. I am truly color challenged, although I have produced a daughter and two granddaughters who instinctively know which shades and colors go with which. They just stand back and cock their heads for 5 seconds and give their spot-on judgment call. They absolutely can see 10 shades of white in any given setting. Shades of white?? Who knew? I love the site you’ve pointed us to! As Juanita says, “Brilliant”.

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