Memory Snacks

 Delicious and…zero calories.

That sound
That sound


One morning last week it began drizzling at about 5 a.m.  It put me into a swoon.

Morning rain is muy unusual here in the tropics.  Our rains are usually in the afternoon, during the rainy season only, a 20-minute torrent during which you can’t budge if you are out and about.  If you are home, you are mopping up water coming in from every direction.

So on that morning I lay in bed, utterly charmed, transported back to summer camp when I was ten. Lying on my cot, under the sheets and blanket from home that my mother packed for me.  Listening in darkness to raindrops on a canvas tent top. Feeling safe and sheltered as I observed my bunkmates — blanketed hills in the charcoal dawn.

Memories inform you.  They add up to who you are today.   I cherish my private memory lane within my “mind palace.”  (Thank you Sherlock!)  Reveling in a memory is a snack for the soul.

Have any memory snacks lately?  Do tell.

xo Liza


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