Weekend Space – 5

Lemonade taken to the next level.


My new sex toy!

Recently, a young writer came to my home to be the writer in residence for six weeks. Before zee came, zee asked me how zee should pack zer Magic Bullet. For those who are lost, zee identifies as gender neutral, so zee and zer are the correct pronouns to use, zee informs me.

I thought, what a clever name for a vibrator. “Oh, the customs agents have seen sex toys before,” I said. “Just put it in your suitcase.”

When zee arrived I learned that Magic Bullet is not a vibrator but the blender that everyone in the U.S. apparently owns.

The last thing I wanted was a new blender. I am a careful editor of my kitchen equipment but I still own enough to sink a ship.

One twist of zee’s Magic Bullet and I marched into my Mexican Costco and bought one. Cheaper than it could be had in the U.S. it turns out.  You can also buy them here.

I am now emulsifying salad dressings, whipping salsas, frothing up frozen margaritas, blending smoothies, and depriving Starbucks of my cold cash by icing my own lattes.

In case you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know about the Magic Bullet, you heard it here. Last.



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5 thoughts on “Weekend Space – 5

  1. My sister-in-law bought one at Costco as soon as she arrived for her month-long sojourn this winter. She left it in my care until she returns next winter. We LOVE it. A real step-up from a regular blender. She also commented it was slightly less expensive than in the US. Weird. I’m told there are Brand X versions for as little as $99US. Don’t know if they are any good.

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