Don’t you just adore the sun?

Your new best friend.  Don't leave home without it.
Meet your new best friend.

I don’t.  I wear SPF 50 everyday.

An imperceptible raised spot on my upper lip.  You wouldn’t see it if you looked at me, even if I pointed to it.  Was it a pimple or a blackhead?  I picked at it, thinking nothing of it.

Look, I wear hats. I slip on driving gloves to protect my hands from hours of supercharged windshield glare.  I wear a t shirt over my bathing suit when I jump into the ocean.  And I never sunbathe.

But something nagged.  I felt uneasy.  I went to the derm, waiting for him to say, “it’s nothing.”  Instead he said, “That’s definitely basel cell carcinoma,” and made the appointment for its surgical removal.

Sigh.  Yet another battle scar on my noble face.  Sad for the news but grateful to have caught it so early.  I’m not a newbie.  This is  my third time.    Now, if you’re thinking:  ah, she’s prone to this… but not me, I’ve never had anything like this… Don’t.   I never had anything either, until three years ago when I decided to go to the derm after my first spot had grown way too big, because I thought,  it is nothing.

Fact:  All the damage was done when I was a teenager in the 60’s,  sunbathing my baby oiled face at Jones Beach.   Skin cancer starts early and then is nurtured by our lifestyles ever after.

Watch this video.  To the end.  Share it.  A lot.  And get thee to a dermatologist once a year for a check up.

You’re welcome.  xo Liza


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