Weekend Space – 1

Space is what we crave on weekends.  Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual… space. Space to read and dream.  Space to exercise, relax, sleep.   Space to share with friends or space for solitude.

Each Friday, Camp Liza will share an inspiration for your weekend space.  And hey, campers!  if you’ve got some inspiration to share, write us and maybe we’ll feature your weekend space.

Meet Banana Cake with Penuche Frosting from one of my favorite food sites.  Who doesn’t have bananas in the house?  Who doesn’t like a fluffy, airy cake  that can take you from Saturday afternoon tea to Sunday evening down time?

Nigella was right.  Baking is a great kindness.  Gratitude and love inducing.

And this photograph.  How can you not want to dash into your kitchen post haste and start peeling?

As always, I’d love to hear from you.  Are you cooking or baking something special this weekend?  The fun begins in the comments, so tell us what you’re up to.  And if you try this recipe, tell us!

One thought on “Weekend Space – 1

  1. I adore banana cake and have a good recipe from the Joy of Cooking but will try this, the frosting looks divine. FYI when you have too many bananas and they get too ripe, just peel and freeze them…great for baking when you have the time! Or…if you have too many bananas and they haven’t gotten too ripe yet but you don’t want them to, you can peel and slice them at their moment of ripe perfection and then freeze them and use on cereal, ice cream, etc.

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