Back from the Women in the World Summit 2014

“Extraordinary women who have the courage to fight, the power to survive, the leadership to inspire.”  –DVF

Well campers, I’m back from The Women in the World Summit 2014 in New York City.  Three days of women from around the world sharing their stories and solutions. It was empowering and inspiring.

To get a taste for how amazing, take a look at the speakers and the issues, by clicking the link above. There are lots of videos when you go inside the articles. Get a look at the international star power attending the conference here.

Pussy Riot were powerful and haunting. Hillary (our next president) pow wowed with Christine Lagarde (currently director of the IMF, but like Hillary, the next president of the European Union).  You heard it here first.   Ruslana, the Russian pop star sang the Ukrainian national anthem, clutching the flag, as she has in Maidan Square, Kiev for months. Syrian women talked about their holocaust, Pakistani women shared stories of their success against Taliban atrocities. There were female leaders and ambassadors from around the world (the U.S. lags in this regard…) a female Yemeni newspaper editor in chief. Jordan’s Queen Rania spoke at dinner about the inconvenient truth of the Arab Spring.

In conjunction with the conference, Diane von Furstenberg hosted the 5th Annual DVF awards for women of inspiration. If you thought she was only about fashion, you’re wrong.

Among the many men in attendance was President Jimmy Carter, about to turn 90!, who wowed us with statistics as he railed against the abuse of women and girls around the world.  He pledged his commitment to end this injustice towards women and girls.  His new book is: A Call to Action:  Women, Religion, Violence and Power.

We talked about education, abortion, maternal mortality, the meanings of hijabs. We learned how the daughter of a Peruvian miner discovered poetry and how it changed her life. And why that is important. We talked about makeup, porn, rape, discrimination, women entrepreneurs, artists, life changers. Exile, politics, the sexualization of girls. We learned about artists, businesswomen, educators, filmmakers. All of it thought provoking and life changing.

I need to mull all of this over, to see how it will inform my life and the new commitments I want to make.  One thing for sure: I have decided to host a live streaming event for Women in the World 2015, so you all can experience this power and inspiration without leaving home.

Camp Liza is now back in session!

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