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What a stupid word retirement is. In Spanish, the word for retirement is jubilation.

If you were lucky, you went to camp as a child. If you didn’t go, you probably heard about it from friends or read about it in books.

Camp is for kids. Always in summer, it’s a carefree time, filled with fun, sun, friendships. There’s usually a lake (canoeing, swimming, waterskiing) and campfires (story telling, singing and s’mores). You made new friends, learned new things, hiked, learned to love rest hour and even rainy days, and had a soulful, deep connection to nature and to yourself. In other words, bliss.

I welcome you to Camp Liza: a “virtual” camp for women who find themselves at a precious moment in life. Our bodies have aged, but our minds and souls are ageless. Our hearts are big and sprite. We’ve had big lives — families, careers, homes, all of life’s triumphs, disappointments, deaths among friends and family, and find ourselves at this moment wondering, “what does being an older woman mean”” and “what do I mean, now?”

No one teaches us how to “be old.” No one teaches us how to “retire.” And what a stupid word retirement is. Retirement means stepping back, drawing away. And we are not stepping back. We are stepping forward, drawing closer to our hearts and our most authentic lives ever. In Spanish, the word for retirement is jubilation. That sounds a lot better, doesn’t it? I’m not retired, I’m jubilating.

We are finished with all the shoulds. We’ve had the trials and triumphs of careers and raising a family. One minute, we’re at the top, and the next, we’re off the pedestal. What do we mean in a society that is youth focused, sex crazed and materialistic? Where is our place, what is our role as older women? How can we not be so invisible or rendered useless by society that is focused on money, status and consuming.

Older women are devalued by society. Until recently, we were invisible. Role models such as — Miuccia Prada, Hilary Clinton, Meryl Streep, Tina Brown, Christine Lagarde, Diane von Furstenberg, Ariana Huffington — are changing the concept of “old woman.” Banish the word, crone. We are priceless, precious diamonds. Powerful queens, empresses, goddesses. We are brilliant and accomplished. We are compassionate and loving. We have time and money. Yes, ma’am.

My lovelies, come take your seat at this table!

14 thoughts on “Welcome to Camp Liza

  1. Congratulations Liza. I just know this is going to be such a happy place to visit. Way to go my fabulous tropical friend xx

  2. Very wise words. makes a lady stop and think about her years to come, Enjoyed the insight, Thanks kindly for sharing.

  3. Just my thoughts, too! And you know, ours is a growing community, and I am very happy to be a part of it. Thanks for writing your lovely blog and your thoughtful insights.

  4. Happy to find you via Sixty and Me! I, too, am living a re-imagined life and loving it! Several personal mantras along the way. Eat Move Enjoy. Learn Create Share. Lessons from the Starfish. Connecting the Dots. Began anew when I found my little apartment on a lake on the Central Oregon Coast. I named it my BeachLake Retreat and started over in February 2010 at age 63. Amazing how life unfolds if we allow ourselves to be still, connect the mind and body, and ask, “What is mine to do?” Will catch up on all your blog posts soon. Work every day on herding those monkeys!

    1. Susan! Thank you for writing. I LOVE your mantras. Really beautiful! Your short message inspires me in many ways. I’m deciding whether I want to begin “anew” in some distant place. You are showing me it can be done. Carry on!

  5. May we inspire each other! Honor your heart. So many stories, so many options for our tomorrows. Powerful, isn’t it! ✨I forgot the major mantra – “Catch the Vision, let its light come shining through. Together we can make a difference, it all begins within me and you. ” On December 11th I realized I would be 70 in 2016. Celebrating 50 years in my industry in July. Are you kidding me? How did that happen? So I recreated my rules for Eat Move Enjoy, asked myself, “If not now, when?” And although I am not quite sure where my renewed focus is going to lead, other than wellness in body, mind and spirit (giving new commitment to eat move enjoy and getting close to losing 50 pounds), I am open and receptive to whatever my next life brings. I have a consulting business so I can work anywhere. My passion for decades has been is to teach, write and help people. After all, if not now, when? Lots lots lots more to the story, but travel onward, girl! Follow your heart!

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